Hello everyone,

There is progress being made on a new map. I can’t give out a ton of details on how the map will be structured but it won’t be on an island. The new map will address various performance issues and will expand the playability of the game enormously. I will do some posts on social media to try to show off some of the new map features as they are developed. Also things on the release schedule for this month might get moved around a bit as necessary. Towards the end of the month the game won’t get very many visual or play updates, there will be a lot of backend changes that need to be made for the new map.

Here is the tentative release schedule for this month:

  • February 6th
    • New minable assets, new ore to mine and smelt
    • Smithing will now be more modular and simplified
    • Tin and copper items will no longer be craftable, damage calculation will be adjusted for new items
    • Progress on the new map
  • February 13th
    • Cutting down trees will now give you boards instead of logs. This will simplify crafting.
    • Player journal will now have a crafting and mining guide
    • Starting to work on map segmentation, which will improve performance and allow for a larger map
    • Progress on the new map
  • February 20th
    • Updates to the game sounds and music player.
    • Starting work on new questing system. A lot of the work this week will be backend and setting up for the new map release.
  • February 27th
    • Progress on the new map, possible map release.

Thanks everyone, as always I love to hear your feedback on the game.

John Detter

Email: contact@dettergamedesign.com
Email: contact@sojournvr.io (press inqueries)
Twitter: @dettergames
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dettergamedesign/
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/667050/SojournVR/

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