Hello everyone,

This week there were a lot of under the hood changes to the game. I am still making the changes that will affect the new map but won’t really be apparent in the current map. The notable changes for this week are listed below:


  • Crafting guide in player journal
    • Mining/Wood cutting guide
    • Smelting guide
    • Wood working guide
    • Level requirements for using different tools are listed
  • Smelting level now affects which metals you can smelt with.
  • Trees now drop planks instead of logs, this will make crafting faster
    • Trees can drop multiple planks if the player has a high enough wood cutting skill.
  • Iron mining rocks added to main quarry
  • Player inventory comes up much faster
  • Item inspector now has a delay of 1 second before it opens

Bug Fixes

  • Collision fixes for the Cast Smelter and Ingot Smelter
  • Bug where item inspector would remain open
  • Animation fixes for ingot/cast smelters

The changes that should be expected for next week are available in the release notes

Thanks all,


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