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There was no release last week because of the large amount of changes in this patch. The old map has been removed and the first part of the new map has been released, Labistre Training Grounds. The function of the new map is supposed to be mainly for teaching new players the basics of the combat and crafting systems. However when the rest of the map is released, players who leave the training grounds will be able to return. This is to make it easier for people to meetup with their friends who might be new to the game.

This is probably the biggest patch this game has received and it plays like a completely new game. If you haven’t played the game in a while, this is a good patch to try.

New Features

  • First part of the new map released, Labistre Training Grounds
  • New game sounds for combat, blinking, dialogue, ect.
  • New tutorial quest
  • Message displayed to player when quests are updated and levels are increased
  • New mineable rock assets
  • New ambient music added
  • Rich dialogue text (text color)


  • Players no longer start with a short sword, pickaxe and axe. Starting items are acquired during tutorial quest.
  • LOD upgrades for NPCs and environment. This was a huge improvement to overall performance.
  • You can’t place your journal into your relic anymore
  • Blinking is temporarily the only supported mode of travel. Locomotion will be added back in soon.
  • Steam page updated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cast smelter door animation
  • Inventory transforms fixed for items so that it’s easier to see the contents of the inventory

Updates for next week are available here: March Release Schedule

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