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This is the release schedule for March. There aren’t a ton of internal features that I need to work on this month so a majority of my time will be spent on content creation. This means creating new map segments, quests, enemies and craftables. There will be a release on the 13th of march but I will probably not do a release on the 20th because those 2 weeks will be changes that will only affect components outside of Labistre Training Grounds, so there wouldn’t be a noticeable change anyway. I am not going to release the other map segments early because I want them to be thoroughly tested and polished before they make it into a release. However, I’m fairly certain there will be another very significant release on the 27th.

  • March 6th (1.1.6a)
    • First part of new map released, Labistre Training Grounds
    • New mining assets
  • March 13th (1.1.7a)
    • Progress on Labistre City
    • Updates to the tutorial quest, Labistre Training Grounds fixes
  • March 20th
    • Progress on Labistre City
    • Support for multiple servers running in separate regions
      • This will probably be US East, US West and Asia for now.
    • Upgraded server browser
    • This release will probably be skipped, content will be pushed to the 27th.
  • March 27th (1.1.8a)
    • Labistre City release

Thanks everyone,

John Detter

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Twitter: @dettergames
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