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This patch contains upgrades to the main quest and other upgrades that will be needed for the new map segments coming in the next patch (Labistre City). The tutorial quest has been significantly changed, so the data for each player’s progress in the main quest is going to be cleared. The Labistre City release is on schedule and will be released next week.

New Features

  • Server browser screen upgrades
  • Multiple server support
    • For now, there will be just a US East and a US West server.
    • Servers can now hold more players.
  • Information on player quests can now be found in the Journal.
    • Current and past objectives
    • Rewards for completing objectives
    • Quest description
  • Completing the tutorial will be a requirement for leaving the Labistre Training Grounds.
    • Once the tutorial is complete, a player will be able to freely enter and exit the training grounds.
  • Notification when a quest is updated in the Journal.


  • The state for all player’s tutorial quest has been reset. This will not affect any other player data. Each player will have to complete the tutorial again.

Bug Fixes

  • Rotation fix for damage numbers during combat
  • Navigation mesh fixes, player shouldn’t be able to get stuck in weird places while blinking

Updates for next week are available here: March Release Schedule

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