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There is a ton of content in this patch that I added last minute because I finished all of the features that were in the release schedule for March. Labistre City has been released, which contains a couple of shops and a bank. You can now buy a lot of the items used in crafting, so if you like to focus on mining or smelting or you’re just looking to grind a particular skill you can buy the components you don’t want to make. Also there is a new mining side quest that will reward you with additional experience towards your mining skill as you complete objectives. I will do similar quests for wood cutting and smelting.

If you have already completed the tutorial quest, you can access Labistre City right away and you will also have the mining side quest available to you.

New Features

  • Labistre City Release
    • Shops and vendors, purchasing items, ect.
    • Banking
  • New mining side quest (appears after tutorial is complete)
  • NPC dialogue decisions
  • Inventory stacking upgrades
  • New occlusion culling should allow everyone to get 90 fps with decent hardware


  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could drop an item with a stack of 0
  • Performance/fps fixes

I am currently reviewing the release schedule for April, it will be posted in the next couple of days.

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