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This month will be pretty huge for the game. The first 2 weeks will have some small updates for the game that implement things that should have made it into last month. I am working on a ton of new party features this month which will take up a lot of my time so I don’t expect to do a release on the 15th of May. Depending on what issues come up during development, the new map areas and party functionality will be released on the 22nd or 29th. The update will be pretty substantial and it won’t be possible to do an incremental update, so the release on the 22nd might be skipped. I will have more updates on this as the development cycle progresses.

  • May 1st (Release 1.1.12a)
    • Archery skill
      • Damage done with bows will be based on archery skill, not strength
      • Archery fixes
      • Your archery skill needs to be at a certain level to use better arrows (Bronze, Iron, Steel, ect.)
    • Crafting arrow shafts, arrow heads and arrows
    • Selling items to vendors
    • CPU performance fixes for Labistre City
    • Starting on new map area
  • May 8th (Release 1.1.13a)
    • Continuing work on new map area
    • Starting work on party system
    • Play space rotation
    • In game menu
      • Sound controls
      • Party management
      • Change between blinking/locomotion
  • May 15th – no release
    • Continuing work on new map area
    • Continuing work on new party system
  • May 22nd – May 29th (Release 1.2.0a)
    •  Depending on issues with the new map, it will either be released on the 22nd or the 29th
      • There will be no release on the 22nd if the map is not ready because it will be a massive update.
    • New map area released
      • Party raid system
      • New enemies to fight

If you have new issues that you encounter, please be sure to post either in the Steam Discussion or in the SojournVR discord.

New feature requests/recommendations can be posted in the Feature Request Thread.

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