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The big changes for this week are the additions of the archery skill and selling items. There is a trader in Labistre City next to the lady that sells produce. You can just drop items onto the table and then talk to the trader and he will tell you how much the items are worth and you can either accept or decline the trade. He also has an in game dialogue that tells you how trading works. The coins from the trade are placed in your inventory. If there is no room in your inventory, the bag of gold is spawned near the table.

New Features

  • Archery Skill
    • Damage done with bows depends on archery skill
    • Type of arrows that you can use efficiently depends on your archery skill
      • Stone arrows are usable at archery level 1, bronze arrows are level 3, iron arrows are level 8 and steel arrows are level 15.
  • Selling Items to Traders
    • Items sold to traders give you gold and experience points towards your merchant skill
  • Crafting Arrows
    • Arrows can be crafted by combining arrow heads, arrow shafts and feathers.
    • Feather stacks can be purchased in the general store now.


  • Health points for all trees has been significantly increased. Experience points for chopping down trees has also been significantly increased.


  • Two handed weapons deal much less damage when only using one hand.
  • Fixed issue where player body rubber-bands when players are teleporting
  • Performance fixes for Labistre City
  • Fixed an issue where leveling up your merchant skill to past level 2 would make items extremely cheap.
  • Fixed issue where items would collider with the player’s head when released from a bow.

There will be another patch next week. The content of the next patch is in the release notes.

If you have new issues that you encounter, please be sure to post either in the Steam Discussion or in the SojournVR discord.

New feature requests/recommendations can be posted in the Feature Request Thread.

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