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This patch was supposed to contain the update for sound controls and party integration. Those features have been implemented but there wasn’t enough time to properly test the UI that allows you to manipulate the sound controls and your party. Those features will be included in release 1.2.0 which is planned to be released on May 22nd. This patch contains everything else that is listed in the release notes, including playspace rotation.

New Features

  • Playspace rotation


  • Fix for trying to stack items that aren’t compatible destroys the item you’re holding


  • Item price changes
    • Bronze and Steel weapons/tools are now much more expensive
    • Stone weapons/tools are now much cheaper
    • Oak bow is now cheaper
  • Prices rescaled with merchant level
    • At max levels items can be purchased at 110% of their value and sold at 90% of their value.
    • At minimum level items are purchased at 300% of their value and sold at 10% of their value.
  • Smelting exp has been increased
    • Smelting ingots now gives significantly more smelting experience
  • Arrow shafts are now outputted in a stack of 3
  • Item inspector is now wider, text is no longer cut off
  • New sounds for placing a weapon on your back or arrows in your quiver
  • Exp gained from selling and buying items has been decreased from 5x the value of the item to 3x
  • Smelter for arrow heads is now in Labistre City and smelter for axe heads is now in Labistre Training Grounds
    • This is to prevent confusion during the tutorial where you have to make a tool
  • More iron ore has been added to Labistre Training Grounds

If you have new issues that you encounter, please be sure to post either in the Steam Discussion or in the SojournVR discord.

New feature requests/recommendations can be posted in the Feature Request Thread.

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