Hello everyone,

This update is probably one of the largest updates the game has seen to date. This update contains a ton of new content for everyone to play. This release is also the first of hopefully many releases that focuses on multi-player based gameplay.

New Features

  • Map Expanded: Outskirts
    • The Outskirts can be accessed through the Labistre City gate guard.
  • Raids
    • New game mode called raids. Raids allow a party of players to fight against hords of powerful enemies to obtain loot.
    • The current raid can be completed with 4 players.
  • Party Management
    • Can add up to 4 players to a party
    • You can send party invites to players nearby you even if you aren’t friends with them
    • You can enter the raid with your party
  • Player Menu
    • The all-new player menu has a ton of great features:
      • Volume settings (music, sound effects, voice chat)
      • Mute mic
      • Change quality settings in game
      • Respawn character
      • Notifications screen
      • Party management screen
  • Mithril Tools and Weapons
    • All tools and weapons can now be crafted in Mithril
    • Mithril ore can be mined in the Outskirts
    • The player journal now contains information on level requirements for mithril tools and weapons.
  • New Combat NPCs
    • Golem has been completely reworked, does more damage and has better drops
    • Arachno/Arachnoid


  • Increased melee damage for bows. Bows now do 2-4 damage based on the swing.
  • Dire rats now drop feathers
  • Feather are now purchased in stacks of 30
  • Great sword blade hand orientation fixed

If you experience issues or bugs in this patch, please post on the steam page or in the Discord and I will try to get it fixed by next Tuesday’s release. Also the load time for the game is a couple seconds longer now than it was before. I will address this in a future patch, it is not a bug.

I will also post a release schedule for June soon. The first week of June will focus on bug fixes but I expect to have another big release at the end of June.

Thanks all,


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