Hello everyone,

This update mainly focuses on bug fixes for the raid update. I received a ton of good feedback on the new raid system and I will continue improving it in the next couple of future patches.

New Features

  • Trader added to outskirts city
  • Ingot smelter added to abandoned mine

Bug Fixes

  • Locomotion fixes, can no longer walk through certain walls, can’t go through raid blocking walls, ect.
  • Navigation mesh fixes for outskirts, player will no longer step over small rocks
  • LOD issues with the coal in the abandoned mine
  • Arachnoid/Arachnite now fully sink into the ground when killed
  • Fixed issue where player wouldn’t be able to trigger raid events in locomotion mode
  • Fixed issue where player wouldn’t be able to trigger raid events without logging out/logging back in
  • Fixed issue with dialogue window and decision wheel staying open when going through doors
  • Fixed issue where the player relic could get stuck in the previous map when going through doors


  • Increased smelting exp significantly
  • Significantly increased health exp gained when taking damage
  • Player menu now closes if player wanders too far from it in locomotion mode

I still don’t have a release schedule prepared for this month but I will hopefully have the rest of the month planned out in a couple of days. There will be a ton of bug fixes this month as users continue to report bugs with the new raid system. Also a ton of combat updates are in the works but I can’t go into any details about it yet because nothing is finalized yet.

Also I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who reported bugs so that I could get as many fixes into this patch as possible. So far everyone seems to like the new raid system and I am planning on doing more difficult and complex raids.

Thanks all,


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