Hello everyone,

This patch contains mostly bug fixes. The big issues this week were caused by upgrading the engine version. The weird issues with the terrain trees could only be fixed by upgrading to a newer version of the Unity engine. With that said, there might be new weird bugs that I haven’t seen yet in testing so please report anything new that you come across that doesn’t seem right.


  • Engine upgraded to version 2017.4
  • Multiple parties can now do raids on servers without issues
  • Bank added to Outskirts
  • Smelting requirements changed (for ingots and casting tool parts)
    • Bronze: 1
    • Iron: 5
    • Steel: 10
    • Mithril: 15

Bug Fixes

  • Smelting experience for smelting ingots fixed
  • Fix for bug that caused Arachno health bars not to show
  • Fix for terrain tree bugs
    • Trees rotating with headset
    • Trees turning purple at certain angles

Also huge thanks to everyone who has reported bugs in the last few weeks. I’m hoping that the game is getting pretty stable for everyone. Like I said, please report bugs if come across them because I can typically get them fixed by the next patch.

Thanks all,


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