Hello everyone,

Sorry this release schedule is super late but I wanted to give this update anyway. The last two weeks I’ve been super busy with compatibility issues with upgrading to a new version of Unity. As always if anyone runs into bugs that they want fixed, please post on the Steam page or DM me. I know this month has been pretty light on new content but I’m working on a huge patch in the background that will be released next month. Also I know the game was supposed to leave early access this month but I am pushing it back another two months because I really want the next major update to be in the first actual release.

Here is the progress so far this month:

  • June 5th – Release 1.2.1a
    • Trader added to Outskirts
    • Ingot smelter added to Abandoned Mine
    • Tons of bug fixes related to raids, new NPCs and locomotion
    • Smelting EXP significantly increased
  • June 12th – Release 1.2.2a
    • Unity Engine upgraded to 2017.4
    • Added bank to Outskirts
    • Smelting requirements changed
    • Tons of bug fixes

Here is what I expect to complete by the end of the month:

  • June 19th – Release 1.2.3a
    • Players will spawn where they logged out
    • Fast travel to Outskirts, Labistre City and Labistre Training Grounds
    • Major updates to Labistre Training Grounds
    • Tutorial updates
  • June 26th-ish (Multiple releases throughout the week possibly)
    • This week I will be focusing heavily on bug fixes. There could potentially be multiple patches this week
    • Progress on the major combat patch

Thanks all,


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