Hello everyone,

Most of the regular users probably noticed that there were 3 patches last week. This took up a ton of time because there were 2 additional issues that required immediate patches. Thank you to everyone who reported bugs this week.

New Features

  • Player menu reworked
    • Single panel, more buttons, icons, ect.
    • Fast travel menu
      • You cannot fast travel during raids, however for now you can fast travel if you are being attacked. This will be changed later.
  • There is now a combination table in the city in the Outskirts.


  • Players now spawn where they left off
    • If you have an issue where you spawn in and you are inside of a new object (e.g. inside a rock or whatever) just use the respawn button.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if you completed all quests the player would be unable to move or act
  • Fixed an issue where an npc could get stuck during navigation on the client and cause weird position snapping/glitching
  • Many server performance fixes

I am still working on a big combat patch in the background right now that will come out next month. I will have a good description of the changes in next months patch notes. The update for next week will just contain bug fixes depending on what new bugs people come across this week.

Thanks all,


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