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This update is the first part of the combat update. I didn’t get all of the features I wanted to get into this update, so some more features will be released at the end of this month.

New Features

  • Attribute System
    • Damage is now highly influence by one of three attributes: strength, agility and intelligence
    • The attributes a character has is based on their combat level and the class they have chosen. Each class has different base attributes and scale differently at higher levels.
  • Combat Skill (Players and enemies)
    • Combat skill is increased by defeating enemies
    • Tougher enemies give more exp
    • When you are above an enemy’s combat level, you receive less exp for killing that enemy. This encourages players to fight tougher enemies to level faster.
  • Combat Classes
    • 5 classes to choose from, 3 strength classes and 2 agility classes
  • Enemy Aggro
    • Enemies will no longer target you automatically if you are a certain number of combat levels above them.


  • Cosmetic scene (e.g. server browser, error scene, client out of date scene, ect.) complete redone from scratch
  • Longswords and shortswords have been replaced by the broadsword, which has the same stats as the long sword
  • New health bars above enemies and other players
  • New player health bar that shows available mana
  • The “strength” skill has been renamed to “blade” and has been slightly reworked (see damage calculation changes)
  • Short sword blade cast removed
  • Long sword blade cast changed to broadsword blade cast
  • Tutorial now gives broadsword instead of short sword
  • Crafting guide updated
  • Health skill removed. Health is now determined by strength attribute (see damage calculation changes)
  • Enemy animation updates
    • Attack animations can now be interrupted by death. If you kill an enemy while they are attacking, they will immediately die.

Damage Calculation Changes

  • Damage done with broadswords and greatswords is significantly influenced by the player’s strength attribute.
    • Having a higher blade skill allows you to use swords with better materials
    • Having a higher blade skill also attributes some additional damage with broadswords and greatswords
  • Damage done with daggers, bows and arrows is significantly influenced by the player’s agility attribute.
    • Having a higher blade skill allows you to use daggers with better materials
    • Having a higher archery skill allows you to use arrows with better materials
  • An entity’s strength attribute now determines how much health it has, along with other bonuses from chosen class
    • Max Health = (strength * 10) + bonus health

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the golem and arachno queen wouldn’t sink far enough into the ground after being killed
  • Fixed issue where mining coal in the abandoned mine would cause the model to enlarge after it was mined
  • Fixed issue where you could walk through the gate in Labistre City which would allow you to escape the map
  • Fixed issue where you may not be able to move after failing and rejoining a raid
  • Fixed issue where coal ore would spawn inside of the coal mineable model in the outskirts

Additional Notes From Developer

  • Classes do not change the player’s cosmetics, this will be addressed in a future update.
  • This update does not contain combat abilities. I didn’t have time to create individual ability trees for each class, but I’m hoping it will get done by the end of the month.
  • YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR COMBAT CLASS DURING THE NEXT UPDATE. So if you decide you want to change your class, you will be able to.
  • A lot of the feedback I’m getting from players is that people want more combat content, so the next few patches will focus heavily on adding in more combat content.

I have taken a lot of input from the community for this update and I expect to take a lot of input from the community for the next few patches so if you would like to be part of the discussion, please join the discord server (permalink below). I also use the discord for bug reporting and typically I can get a bug fixed by the next patch so if you are experiencing an issue that you would like fixed there’s a good chance I can get it fixed quickly if you post it in the discord.

If there are any major issues with this update then I can do another update either this week or next Tuesday. If there aren’t any major issues then the next update should be at the end of the month.

Thanks all,


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