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This release contains a huge update to the player toolbelt. The toolbelt can now hold two tools and a sword. The side the sword is on can be configured in the in-game menu. The entire toolbelt can also be reversed so that the tools are on the opposite side (for left handed players). If you had items in your toolbelt, they have been moved to your inventory. If you had items in your toolbelt and your inventory was full, then your items have been moved to your bank. There were only a couple of players that had a full inventory when this update occurred so it shouldn’t be too imposing. A bank can be found in either Labistre City or in the Outskirts.

New Features

  • New configurable toolbelt
    • The position of the journal and sword can be swapped
    • Entire toolbelt can be reversed, which causes the tools to be on the left side instead of the right (for left handed players).
    • Sheath will change based on whether a dagger or broadsword is placed in the toolbelt

Bug Fixes

  • Animation issues with Arachno/Arachnite/Arachno Queen have been addressed
  • Fixed relic collision issue
  • Fixed issue where configuring your combat class to be the default class wouldn’t actually do anything
  • Addressed NPC snapping issue – not completely fixed but it’s better than it was before

I’m hoping by next week I will have the character selection screen finished, which will allow players to have multiple characters. I’m not sure if I will able to have character customization done by then but I am making progress on that as well.

If you have any questions about this patch please feel free to post on the steam page or post in the discord.

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