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This update contains support for multiple characters. This means that now you can have more than one character and you can delete your current character if you want to start over. You must have at least one character so the option for deleting your character will not appear unless you have at least 2 characters. Your bank is shared between characters, so you can easily share items between characters using your bank.

New Features

  • Support for 3 characters
    • Can delete characters
    • Characters share a bank, but do not share inventory, toolbelt, ect.
  • Streamer mode option
    • This option can be accessed in the in-game settings menu under game settings.
    • This mode is targeted at people who want to stream the game on Twitch, YouTube, ect.
    • This mode will increase the overhead of the game because it is doing additional rendering with a higher field of view
  • New UI skin
    • The server browser has been completely reworked, contains the new character editor
    • The in game menu has also been reworked. You can now go back to the server browser from in-game.

I am now working on character customization support, which will allow you to change the appearance of your character (gender, hair, cloths, ect.). This will take at least two weeks. If there are bugs reported in this patch I will do a patch next Tuesday that contains fixes for this patch.

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