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The last two weeks I focused on character customization. So now you can choose your character’s hair, cloths, gender, ect. You will only be able to set your character’s body properties once (e.g. their head type, hair style, hair color, ect.). You will however be able to change their cloths at any time in the future.


  • Character customization
    • Players who already have a character will be prompted to customize their character the next time they login with that character.
  • Playspace rotation
    • Oculus playspace rotation reworked and is easier to use.
    • The vive playspace rotation bug has been fixed.
    • You can now rotate your playspace in locomotion
  • Support for special events
    • The first special event will be this coming weekend, which will be a double exp event.
  • Inventory quick-insert
    • You can now insert an item into your inventory by dropping it on top of your player relic when your relic is on your toolbelt. Items will be stacked if possible. If not all items can be inserted, the remainder remains in your hand.


  • Stone arrow cost reduced from 5 gold to 3 gold per arrow
  • Players who choose an agility class will receive a dagger instead of a broadsword during the tutorial.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where voice chat would cut out if you got too close to another player
  • Fixed issue where enemy health bars would appear through things
  • CPU performance fixes

I am currently working on reworking the training grounds and the outskirts. There should be another update next week but depending on how much I end up changing it could turn into a 2 week update.

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