Hello everyone,

This week I fixed a couple of issues introduced by last week’s update. I am still working on new map upgrades which should be coming out next week or the week after.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where floating items would flicker if they were in the world before a player spawned
  • Fixed an issue that would cause weird behavior when pressing the menu button during the loading screen
  • Music level in the server browser is now affected by music level setting
  • Playspace rotation on vive is much easier to use now
  • Fixed an issue where when a player shoots an arrow, their bow would still be nocked.
    • Fixed other issues related to the bow, including fixing rotation issue when nocking arrow


  • Golem drops have been improved
  • Drops at the end of the raid have been improved
  • Journal smelting level requirements corrections
  • Level required to use tool is now shown in tooltip.

Thanks all,


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